RI-Hub at the University of Melbourne

The Ruthven Institute is committed to business success and world's best practice (WBP) for Australian businesses. It has distilled the rules for success to the 12 Golden Rules of Business Success, based on the experience and analysis of corporate data over 40 years. This knowledge is backed by the RI Hub at the University of Melbourne.

The RI Hub is the result of a strategic alliance between the University of Melbourne and the Ruthven Institute. The RI Hub aims to promote evidence-based strategic decision-making and leadership to improve the profitability and sustainable success of Australian businesses. The Hub’s research program begins by reviewing the research evidence for the 12 Golden Rules and will, over time, refine and extend the body of knowledge about what drives sustainable success.

The RI Hub is committed to ensuring that the research is actionable by practitioners and so has developed a series of Practice Notes (below) to assist with implementation and to alert practitioners to the challenges of implementation. These stand in addition to the explanation and assistance provided in Phil Ruthven's Business Success e-book.

The Hub is also developing new and exciting teaching materials to bolster Australian business students' capabilities in evidence-based decision making, focusing on research in response to the 12 Golden Rules of Business Success and the relationship between strategic choices, management and leadership practices and business performance.

The Institute’s alliance with the University of Melbourne is focused on strengthening research to better inform managers and train the next generation of undergraduate and post-graduate business students.

To access the full research papers that review the research evidence for each of the rules, together with future research directions and an introduction to the RI-Hub staff and partners, please go to The RI-Hub at The University of Melbourne.