Executive Development Presentations

Delivered in a series of 20-60 minute presentations with accompanying commentary from founder and CEO Phil Ruthven, the Executive Development series covers all of the Ruthven Institute’s findings about successful businesses and their strategies, performance and profitability.

Ruthven Institute subscribers can use the series, and Phil’s insights, to assist with planning and managing their affairs to achieve sustainable success.

These presentations are a valuable resource for CEOs and C-Suite executives, Boards, corporate planners, advisors and consultants who want their business to join – or remain in – Australia’s Top 10% of enterprises in terms of world’s best practice profitability.

A core offering of four presentations is currently available; and the collection will grow to over 40 presentations over F2020.

Click on the below categories to view and download the Institute’s Executive Development Presentations.

Series 1
Performance of the Nation’s Businesses
Session 1.0
Profitability Trends and Best Performers
Series 2
Keys to Success
Session 2.0
The 12 Golden Rules
Session 2.1
The Importance of Focus
Session 2.2
Know One’s Industry and Life Cycle
Session 2.3
Emulate World’s Best Practice
Session 2.4
Be Forever Innovative (unique IP)
Session 2.5
Be Master of Your Own Destiny
Session 2.6
Plan from the Outside In
Session 2.7
Outsource Non-Core Functions
Session 2.8
Don’t Own Hard (Passive) Assets
Session 2.9
Manage Your Finances Wisely
Session 2.10
Develop Strategic Alliances
Session 2.11
Lead from the Inside Out
Session 2.12
Develop a Unique Culture
Session 2.13
Case Studies
Series 3
The External Environment
Session 3.0
Planning from the Outside In
Session 3.1
Knowing the Industry and its Life Cycle
Session 3.2
Knowing the Marketplace
Session 3.3
Knowing the Finance Supply
Session 3.4
Knowing the Labour Supply
Session 3.5
Knowing the Services Supply
Session 3.6
Knowing the Goods Supply
Session 3.7
Knowing Government Costs and Policies
Session 3.8
Knowing the Economic Environment
Session 3.9
Knowing the Societal Environment
Session 3.10
Knowing the Nation’s Resource Base
Session 3.11
Knowing the World environment
Series 4
The Inside Environment
Session 4.0
Leading and Managing from the Inside Out
Session 4.1
The Leadership Function (CEO)
Session 4.2
The Board
Session 4.3
The Chief Operating Function (COO)
Session 4.4
The Marketing Function (CMO)
Session 4.5
The Distribution and Logistics Function (CLO)
Session 4.6
The Finance Function (CFO)
Session 4.7
The Production Function (CPO)
Session 4.8
The Buying and Procurement Function (CBO)
Session 4.9
The IT & Information Function (CIO)
Session 4.10
The Research & Innovation Function (CRO)
Session 4.11
The Human Resource Function (HRO)
Session 4.12
Strategic Planning for WBP Performance
Session 4.13
Business Planning and Budget Setting
Session 4.14
The Role of Meetings

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