Australian Business Performance

The Australian Business Performance Database offers a comprehensive overview of the nation’s two million plus enterprises and the Australian business landscape at large.

The database contains summary reports on Australian business characteristics, profitability and performance; and is accompanied by an overarching Australian Business Performance report regarding the direction and profitability of Australia’s enterprises.

Together, these resources provide a wealth of insights and research on a range of topics, including:

  • Profitability performance of Australia’s Top 2000 enterprises
  • Enterprise entries and exits
  • Enterprise numbers by industry
  • Market share strategy and ‘safe’ positions
  • Australian vs. US business profitability

The database also houses the Ruthven Institute’s annual Business Profitability Survey: an in-depth study of the nation’s Top 2000 enterprises and their performance against the world’s best practice
profitability benchmark (22%+ ROSF).

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