Financial Institutions: SRS Portal

Ruthven Institute provides a strategic rating service for Superfunds managers and Financial Institutions. Our focus is on the Top 300 ASX-listed companies. We analyse whether or not Australian businesses are achieving and sustaining the world’s best practices in ROSF, Revenue Growth, and Wealth Creation.


Access to our SR Database, Company Snapshots, Insights and articles is available through a private client portal. Strategic Rating Diagnostic (SRD) Reports can be purchased and ordered on-demand for any of the companies that fall within the Top 300. An SRD report includes:

  • An SRD report is a comprehensive document usually delivered within 14 days
  • Strategic rating scores summarise the compliance or breach of the Institute’s verified 12 Golden Rules of Business Success
  • Profitability performance comparisons are assessed against direct competitors and other companies and industries
  • Medium to long-term trend analysis is included 
  • Supporting visuals of external environment data is included