About Ruthven Institute

Vision & Strategy

The Ruthven Institute provides long-term ROSF, Revenue Growth and Wealth Creation data and trends in snapshots. The Ruthven Institute database and SRD reports report on businesses and are an in depth analysis showcasing the companies that are, or are not, profitable investments. The Institute assessment structure revolves around rating business strategy and planning according to the ‘12 golden rules of business success.’ Businesses should be achieving a return on shareholder funds (ROSF) of over 22%.

Who is Ruthven Institute for?

Super Fund Managers

Financial Institutions

Value it provides

A Ruthven Institute subscription provides an online comprehensive database with easy access to lists of long-term data that can be sorted from from highest to lowest performers. The RI content is evidence-based business research and reports; with guidance, insights and analysis available about whether company strategies are in breach or in compliance of the 12 golden rules of business success.

Our products are available for purchase either individually or bundled together. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor a subscription to meet your individual investment needs.