About Ruthven Institute

Vision & Strategy

The Ruthven Institute is dedicated to providing business leaders and investors with the information and guidance they need to; 1. Achieve world's best practice profitability. 2. Invest in businesses that will provide long-term wealth creation. The Institute encourages a holistic approach to business strategy and planning according to the ‘12 golden rules’: Phil Ruthven’s recommended guidelines for achieving a return on shareholder funds (ROSF) of over 22%.

Who is Ruthven Institute for?


C-Suite leaders and Senior Executives

The Ruthven Institute provides online business information, data, analysis, reports, statistical materials and consultancy: valuable resources to support strategic decision-making.

Value it provides

A Ruthven Institute subscription provides instant online access to comprehensive, evidence-based business research and information; guidance and insights; and 12 golden rules to follow that will help businesses to achieve world’s best practice profitability for success.

Our products are available for purchase either individually or bundled together. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor a subscription to meet your individual business needs.


Download a sample business report

Our snapshot reports are a comprehensive summary of their relevant environments. Simply click the link below to download a sample now.