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The Ruthven Institute was founded in 2017 to help Australian businesses and investors achieve world’s best practice profitability through functional excellence while respecting our social and environmental obligations.

Australia’s 2.4 million enterprises have averaged an unacceptably low 3.0% return on shareholder funds after tax (ROSF) for over 30 years. Our Top 2000 businesses, which collectively contributed 46% of the nation’s revenue in 2019, barely manage to perform half as well as the United States’ Top 2000.

The Ruthven Institute knows how the best enterprises consistently average world’s best practice (WBP) profitability of 22%+ ROSF. We want to share our knowledge with directors and C-Suite executives to help raise our nation’s competitiveness and performance.

We aim to improve company profitability and investment performance by encouraging an informed approach to business analysis, strategy and planning. Our comprehensive online database of strategic rating, business research and information examines the myriad of variables that can influence your business and investments, providing you and your executives with the knowledge needed to support decision-making.

The Institute’s product offering is centred on the 12 Golden Rules: founder Phil Ruthven’s recommended guidelines for maximising growth (both local and international), productivity and profitability.

Empowering executives with the 12 golden rules for business success

A long-term view of the world in which your business operates


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